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Reinvention in the digital age

Innovation is at the heart of forging ahead in the increasingly competitive digital world. We work with clients to build an understanding of what innovation means for the organisation, how to pilot new experimental ways of working and how to embed these skills and insights to innovate sustainably in the future.

As an integral component of our digital strategy and business transformation capabilities, we use approaches and techniques to enable clients to test and learn with customers early, failing fast and cheaply, and then to course correct to respond to customer feedback. These techniques include minimal viable product development, rapid prototyping and remote user testing of new customer propositions, online/mobile channel experiences and digitally-enhanced experiences within store and branch, contact centre and/or in-field customer interfaces.

Combining the capabilities of our user experience and service design partner with our core consulting skills, we are able to help our clients create ‘living models of the future‘, for example the future branch, to allow colleagues, customers and partners to experiment towards and co-create new future models. We also bring the capability to build and operate within client innovation labs, creating the facility for clients from across the organisation to work through ideas both big and small.

Through our approach we help ambitious brands connect with their customers and to stand out in an increasingly competitive world. The benefits of this approach include leveraging the latest innovation approaches and techniques to develop and test digitally-enhanced customer propositions, developing new target operating models with digital at the core to achieve efficiencies comparable to new entrant digital disruptors, and applying lean UX and agile approaches to help clients move to a test and learn, fast-fail approach to transforming their business to compete in the digital age.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We enable successful transformation by working with clients to test and advance changes before they are more widely implemented, ensuring that any permanent change has already been tested live with the risks and benefits understood.

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