Omnichannel strategy and experience

Engaging the connected consumer

The relationship between consumer and brand has irrevocably changed. With online access the first port of call and the role of physical channels being redefined, an effective omnichannel distribution and channel strategy needs to continually be revisited.

An omnichannel strategy should effectively define the role of each channel within the context of a wider, multichannel relationship between the customer and brand. We help clients develop strategies to allow customers to access the brand directly, via intermediary and/or partner channels. Within this framework, we help businesses build channel capabilities to deliver omnichannel experiences for consumers, B2B and partner clients.

Our approach enables clients to engage and serve connected customers more seamlessly within and across channels, creating maximum access to the brand. Leveraging our omnichannel hothousing, systems thinking approaches and diagnostic tool kit, we help clients baseline the reality of the current customer experience and create ‘living model’ pilots where colleagues and customers co-create and experiment towards the future vision – building engagement and creating ownership throughout.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We enable successful transformation by working with clients to test and advance changes before they are more widely implemented, ensuring that any permanent change has already been tested live with the risks and benefits understood.

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